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Alt Sagas: Stories

In the tradition of Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman, ALT SAGAS unfolds the quandaries of our lives.

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Tragically displaced loyalty, a strange pocket of a forever war, aging, faith, social revolution, the perils of revenge magic and of physical nonconformity, and more are explored in three novellas and two short stories set in worlds wholly distant, yet eerily familiar. 

“Huets is an endlessly inventive writer, grounding speculations about the future in well-researched mythologies of the past as we know it. In these five tour-de-force tales, space crusaders and lonely Calibans sift through the cultural rubble on a hunt for hope and connection. Where personal history is written in tattoos and scars, the transcendent narratives of capital-H History are often literary, and they bring Big Events home to the heart: a Norse saga, a Shakespearean tragedy, a Wild West showdown. “Huets’ imaginative takes on our cultural touchstones help to explain how we crashed our way into a frightening future; they also promise that we are more than the sum of our technology and our losses.” — Susann Cokal, The Kingdom of Little Wounds and Breath and Bones 

A fresh, smart and highly entertaining story collection.” — Fred Leebron, The News Said It Was

Praise for Jean Huets’ The Bones You Have Cast Down

Enchanting and richly historical, dazzling and dark, heart-wrenching and intoxicating. — Stuart R. Kaplan, Pamela Colman Smith

A storytelling treasure. Speculative elements are deftly melded into the mix.… Thought provoking as well as entertaining. — Ron Andre, A Matter of Fancy

About the author

Jean Huets’ writing has appeared in The New York Times, Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, The Millions, Civil War Monitor and other journals. Her books include With Walt Whitman, Himself, The Bones You Have Cast Down: A Novel, At the Fall Line: A Novel, Alt Sagas: Stories, and The Cosmic Tarot book. She is co-founder of Circling Rivers, an independent press dedicated to literary nonfiction and poetry. Visit her at www.jeanhuets.com